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Why Should You Have a Family Care Doctor?

Did you know that a family care doctor can help you look for a specialist if you need one? They can also help with common medical needs. For instance, if you develop nagging back pain, sudden flu symptoms, or an unexplained rash, a family care doctor can provide the answers and solutions you need. This is why people visit their family care doctors a lot. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 85% of adults have visited their family care doctor in the last year. Here are some reasons why you need a family care doctor.

Family Doctors Follow Your Lifecycle

Family doctors treat toddlers, teens, adolescents, and adults. They even treat retirees and people well into their 90s. In most instances, one family doctor tends to see the same patients for many years. This means a family care doctor can be your primary care doctor at any stage in your life. In the long term, this enables them to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your family. This also makes it easier for them to look into any family history of disease that could affect everyone.

Family Care Doctors Know Your Family's Medical History

The longer a doctor has been working with you and your family, the more they'll know about your medical history. This helps them to make more informed decisions about your health. They can also watch out for red flags regarding certain medications and they may be able to more easily monitor changes in your overall health over the years. Did you know that a doctor who has seen several generations of a family can have a better understanding of family health history? For instance, if your mother was predisposed to certain symptoms in her childhood and you developed the same, it's possible your own child may develop them as well.

Family Care Doctors Treat a Variety of Diseases

Most people only remember family care doctors when it's time for their yearly check-ups. This is very important, but your family care doctor can also do much more. They can help manage chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and acute conditions like injuries and sinus infections. Apart from that, a family care doctor can also help throughout pregnancy. Some of them can even perform minor surgical procedures like draining abscesses and freezing warts.

These are some of the reasons why you should have a family care doctor. Choosing a family care doctor is a very important decision, so you should take your time to ensure that you choose wisely. Get in touch with Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC today if you need the right family care doctor for your needs.